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Pearls- Valerie & Zack (Tyce Diorio)

Just taking a second to say how much this dance got to me. I love dance it’s so amazing to get the feeling of being completely lost but exactly where you are suppose to be.
These two tappers have more passion and more vulnerability than I’ve seen in even the most experienced contemporary dancers.
Jessica will walk out of this competition being a better performer and pretty much at the same level of dance as when she entered (which was very high don’t get me wrong)

But Valerie and Zach will walk away being 2 of the most amazing dancers and artists I have ever seen

It’s not the first time, but this one really carved it in.
Tell your new friends that no one knows you like I do.
It’s over, I wanna see you again, I wanna feel it again.

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The Antidote- Ricky & Zack (Krystal & Pharside)


Ricky Solo


Not About Angels- Ricky & Kathryn (Stacey Tookey)


Ivan Vasiliev, show off

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photo: Akira Enzeru

my best friend is probably cooler than yours.

Cheer couple en We Heart It.

In St Thomas :)
Faking a smile so no one knows the pain. I&#8217;m getting pretty good at this

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